Noé García Mujica

Noé García Mujica is the current General Manager of LOKIMICA S.A., a leading Spanish company in pest management and environmental health.
He finished his studies as TESA (Environmental Health Technician) in 1998 and, meanwhile, he started working as a helicopter pilot, in the beginning of his professional career, working on the aerial treatments over large surfaces.
His great experience in the Pest Control and Environmental Health field and his training in Business Administration, make him boost the company to become one of the national leaders in the industry.
Also, he has been speaker and course instructor in some of the " Specialist and Expert in Pest Control Course", organized by the CIBIO (Ibero-American centre of biodiversity) in Alicante University.
His work has been recognized by many institutions, as the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante or the SESA (Spanish Society of Environmental Health).
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